Do You Take Insurance

This is the big question, and I’ve wrestled with it from the beginning. The short answer is no—Integrate Internal Medicine does not take insurance, including Medicare.

The long answer is, as you can imagine, more complicated.

I went into medicine because I wanted to make a difference and empower patients to reach their optimal health. I didn’t go into medicine to spend more time charting and arguing with insurance companies than actually caring for patients. I’ve become disheartened with the current system and believe we can do better.

Insurance companies also dictate what services are “covered”, from labs and imaging to medications and specialized treatments. I’m never surprised to hear that something is “not covered”. Furthermore, insurance effectively removes many exciting services from my toolbox, such as Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine or simple Nutrition Counseling. Why? You guessed it, “not covered”. Sadly, it seems that insurance companies are more interested in the bottom dollar than your health. 

In order to get back to what matters most, more time is needed— during your visit and afterwards—so that I can research and develop comprehensive care plans that empower you to reach your full potential.

By joining Integrate Internal Medicine’s Direct Primary Care clinic, you are partnering with a doctor who cares about your health. Lets remove the middle-man and get back to what matters most!

We’d love to care for you. Learn more about becoming a member of our practice here.

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