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Reminders for my patients:

The Foundational Health Membership includes (1) Annual Exam, plus (1) Routine Office Visit per year. If additional visits are needed, these can be added on; billed separately.

The Comprehensive Wellness Membership includes: Unlimited office visits, unlimited virtual visits, and one Osteopathic visit per quarter. Additional Osteopathic visits can be added on, as needed; billed seperately.

Need an urgent appointment? Please call or text Dr. Kate at (208) 291-1985.

Annual Exam

Annual physical exam & blood work for established patients.

  • Please bring a list of all medications and supplements you’re taking.
  • Fasting is encouraged.
  • Please drink plenty of water prior to your appointment.

Office Visit Routine

Routine office visit for established patients. This appointment is ideal for one or two simple problems.

  • One visit is included in the Foundational Membership per year. Additional visits, $150 each (30-min apt).
  • Unlimited visits for Comprehensive Members is included.

Office Visit Extended

Extended office visit, up to 60-min, for established patients. Ideal for complex issues or two or more concerns.

  • Add on to Foundational Membership. Visits $300 each (60-min apt).
  • Unlimited visits for Comprehensive Members.

Virtual Visit Routine

This is ideal for one simple problem that doesn’t require a physical exam. Also ideal for cold, flu, etc. Established patients only.

  • This can be used in place of your routine follow-up visit per year, or this can be added on to your Foundational Membership. Additional visits, $150 each (up to 30-min).
  • Unlimited visits for Comprehensive Members.

Virtual Visit Extended

Choose this option for detailed lab results discussion or more complicated issues requiring extended time but no physical exam is required. Established patients only.

  • Examples include test results for functional labs such as Vibrant Labs, Dutch Test, 3×4 Genetics, etc. 
  • Add on to Foundational Membership. Visits $300 each (60-min apt).
  • Unlimited visits for Comprehensive Members.

Lab Draw Only

Lab Draw Only, for established patients.

  • Please drink plenty of water.
  • No charge for lab draw appointments.
  • Cost of labs not included

Osteopathic Treatment
Trigger Point Injections

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and/or Trigger Point Injections for established patients.

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing


  • Foundation Members: $200 each.
  • Comprehensive Members: Includes one session/quarter. Additional sessions: $200.

Functional Medicine Initial Visit

Coming soon!


Functional Medicine Follow Up Visit

Coming soon!